Petrolimex to use QR code on motor oil labels to deter counterfeiting

Petrolimex Petrochemical Corporation (PLC) has added a QR code on the packaging of Petrolimex lubricants as a countermeasure against counterfeiting.

Petrolimex said the use of QR codes would enable customers to get detailed information about the lubricants they buy, such as quality, user guide and origin fully.  Customers would have to scratch off the silver aluminum on the authentication stamp to see the QR code and message code. They can then use their mobile phone to scan the QR code. Authentication is provided only once. Afterwards, the system would only be able to provide information that the product has been sold and provide information on the quality certificate attached to the shipment.

For non-smart phones, customers can send a text message.

Petrolimex said it would attach authentication stamps on products step by step. It means that for items produced by Petrolimex, the company will prioritize selling items without a QR2 stamp.

For items blended by Petrolimex for Total Vietnam, PLC will stamp the QR2 to confirm origin of the products manufactured by PLC for Total Vietnam.

For Total Lubmarine items imported by Petrolimex, PLC will prioritize selling items without a QR2 stamp, and then items with a QR2 stamp. For other items imported by Petrolimex, PLC will only stamp QR2 upon specific demand for a particular shipment.