Petromin, Electromin unveil plans for e-mobility in Saudi Arabia
Photo by Michael Fousert on Unsplash

Petromin, Electromin unveil plans for e-mobility in Saudi Arabia

Petromin Corporation and Electromin unveiled plans to provide infrastructure solutions, software, and consultancy for e-mobility for customers across the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

“Petromin Corporation is the leading automotive and lubricants company in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Our subsidiary, Electromin, is one of the world’s prominent technologies led EV solutions provider. With this announcement, we are providing a turnkey solution for all e-mobility needs across the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia,” said Petromin CEO  Kalyana Sivagnanam during the launch on November 24.

Sivagnanam was joined by the Commercial Director of Electromin, Graham Tunks, as well as Electromin’s Director of Energy and EV Infrastructure, Tony Mazzone.

“This launch is a statement of intent of Electromin’s future ambitions. We are constantly looking for the next area of advancement. This constant quest to serve the needs of our customers in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has now led to the introduction of e-mobility solutions which is on track with the current and future trends of the automotive industry,” Sivagnanam added.

The project is set to be fully rolled-out by 2030 in Saudi Arabia. Proposed price points will be determined by Electromin after evaluating electricity and fuel costs at the local and national level. The potential for further opportunities and investments in the EV sector is also being explored.

With the growing transition to EVs internationally and within the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC), Electromin has identified this significant trend as vehicle original equipment manufacturers (OEMS) migrate from standard international combustion engine (ICE) vehicles towards electric vehicles. Petromin’s shift towards this platform has also been influenced by various sustainability programs.

Since the launch of Vision 2030 in 2016, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has taken tremendous steps to scale its climate action and environmental protection plans. The Saudi Green Initiative highlights the country’s unified efforts for sustainability, increasing awareness on clean energy, offsetting the impact of fossil fuels, and combating climate change. Saudi Arabia has launched a comprehensive national development strategy to support the diversification of energy resources.

The announcement is a stated ambition towards ensuring a seamless transition for EV technology across the Kingdom and resonates with the principles of the Saudi Green Initiative as well as the Kingdom’s plans to reach net zero on carbon emissions by 2060.