November 24, 2020

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Petronas Lubricants International launches ETRO+ Group III base oil

Petronas Lubricants International launches ETRO+ Group III base oil
Photo courtesy of PETRONAS Lubricants International.

PETRONAS Lubricants International (PLI) has unveiled ETRO+, a Group III+ base oil that promotes fuel efficiency and helps reduce CO2 emissions.

ETRO+ base oil is used in PETRONAS’ own finished lubricant products as well as marketed to other leading lubricant manufacturers worldwide.

“With the help of better fuels and lubricants, we can meet the world’s future mobility needs with reduced emissions. An important lever is to make high quality, fluid technology solutions accessible to all. With the introduction of ETRO+, we hope to change the traditional terms of engagement and help advance access to clean and energy efficient mobility solutions for all,” said Group Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer of PETRONAS Lubricants International, Giuseppe D’Arrigo.

Base oils make up an average of 60 to 80% of finished lubricants. To produce top-tier, energy conserving lubricants, the automotive industry relies on synthetic base oils, such as polyalphaeolefins (PAO).

The American Petroleum Institute (API) categorises base oils into five categories. Group III base stocks contain greater than or equal to 90% saturates and less than or equal to 0.03% sulfur and have a viscosity index greater than or equal to 120. Although the API does not have a base oil category called Group III+, many base oil manufacturers have introduced a slate of products that supposedly have improved properties over Group III.

ETRO+ is currently produced in PETRONAS’ Group III plant in Melaka, Malaysia with further expansion plans globally. The announcement of ETRO+ was made in conjunction with the PETRONAS’ 10th Year Base Oil Business Anniversary.

PETRONAS Lubricants International is part of Malaysia’s state-owned oil company, Petroliam Nasional Berhad (PETRONAS).

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