PETRONAS Lubricants launches latest NEV fluid solutions in China
Photo courtesy of PETRONAS Lubricants

PETRONAS Lubricants launches latest NEV fluid solutions in China

PETRONAS Lubricants International (China) recently launched its latest PETRONAS Iona fluids solutions for new energy vehicles (NEVs), including PETRONAS Iona Thermal management fluids, PETRONAS Iona Integra electric drive system fluids, and PETRONAS Iona Glide low-noise grease.

PETRONAS Lubricants International (PLI) is the global lubricants manufacturing and marketing arm of Malaysia’s state-owned oil and gas company PETRONAS.

In 2019, PETRONAS Lubricants International developed its first-ever series of lubricant products for electric vehicles and introduced the PETRONAS Iona brand, focusing on new energy fluids. With the rapid growth of the market and continuous technology innovation, PLI launched the second-generation fluid technology solutions for new energy vehicles under the PETRONAS Iona brand in 2021.

China is the world’s largest market for new energy passenger cars. Of the top 10 NEV OEMs worldwide, five are Chinese companies, making the Chinese market a key focus for lubricant suppliers for NEV fluids.

“PETRONAS Lubricants International aims to address the challenges faced by global thermal management in an innovative way. Through research and development in intelligent thermal management fluids, we aim to help our partners accelerate efficiency and vehicle performance, reduce energy consumption and carbon emissions,” said Wang Tianjie, general manager of PETRONAS Lubricants International (China).