PETRONAS Lubricants renews partnership with CNH Industrial

PETRONAS Lubricants renews partnership with CNH Industrial

PETRONAS Lubricants International (PLI), the global lubricants manufacturing and marketing arm of PETRONAS, the national oil corporation of Malaysia, has renewed its partnership with CNH Industrial.

PETRONAS Ambra and Akcela lubricants are specifically designed to ensure all CNH Industrial machinery can perform to its highest standard, even under extreme pressure. PETRONAS Akcela is also the recommended lubricant for STEYR tractors. The shared expertise of engineers and scientists from both PETRONAS and CNH Industrial designed lubricants to surpass the top performance requirements throughout the agricultural and construction machinery industries. 

PETRONAS Lubricants launched an updated range of PETRONAS Tutela, Ambra and Akcela products in April, specifically designed for use on CNH Industrial’s brands machinery. The new PETRONAS Tutela CNH Industrial products will also include the well-known professional co-branded packaging.

The new product ranges will include updated and improved CNH Industrial specifications for the gear, hydraulic and grease solutions. These products underwent significant clutch friction testing in order to meet new performance requirements from CNH Industrial at their in-house facility. The new fluids were tested against a baseline of 12 different friction materials, resulting in the rationalisation and simplification of both hydraulic and gear oils. As the officially recommended range, PETRONAS scientists work in close collaboration with the CNH Industrial team at the Santena Global Research & Technology Centre to co-engineer lubricants that keep equipment thriving through long hours, extreme temperatures and tough terrain. 

 “We are proud to celebrate over 25 years of collaboration with CNH Industrial, and also to continue to develop and expand our partnership with our innovative new range of PETRONAS Tutela, Ambra and Akcela oils. Together, we will further enhance the performance and dependability of CNH Industrial Agriculture and Construction machinery and continue to be the recommended lubricants solution,” said Domenico Ciaglia, MD EMEA, PETRONAS Lubricants International.   

“PETRONAS has been a long-term partner for CNH Industrial.  Our teams of researchers, scientists and mechanics have been working together for decades, and as a result of our successful collaboration, we continue to create even better products. As our machines develop, the lubricant solutions do as well, and we are excited to be expanding our range with PETRONAS to ensure our machines deliver ultimate performance,” said Rosella Risso, vice president, Agriculture – Global Parts & Service, CNH Industrial.  

The new PETRONAS Tutela, Ambra and Akcela products, recommended for CNH Industrial, are now available and will be gradually introduced to machines throughout the rest of the year.