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Philippine DOE announces release of new automotive diesel fuel specification

The Philippine Department of Energy (DOE) last week announced the release of a new standard for automotive diesel fuel, to further improve the country’s fuel quality and lessen the impact of hydrocarbon-based fuels on the environment.

“The new Philippine standards for automotive diesel oil is in line with our mandate to implement programs and policies that will complement and comply with existing international and environmental standards for fuel,” said DOE Secretary Alfonso Cusi. “The primary impact of the new PNS for diesel strengthens the government’s consistent and continuing program towards the use of cleaner fuels and promotion of indigenous and sustainable energy resources with the end view of reducing dependence on imported oil.”

The new Philippine National Standard (PNS) for automotive diesel oil contains revised technical requirements, including lower sulfur content, in line with Euro 4 emission standards, as well as new test methods to evaluate fuel quality.

The DOE-Oil Industry Management Bureau (OIMB) spearheaded the review of the PNS/DOE Quality Standard (QS):004:2017 on coco-methyl ester (CME)-blended automotive diesel oil specification.

In approving the updated standards, the DOE-OIMB team sought input from industry stakeholders, including the technical committee on petroleum products & additives (TCPPA) which is comprised of oil refiners and oil marketers, OEMs, non-governmental organizations, consumers, the academe, government agencies and invited technical experts.

The new PNS for automotive diesel oil also supports the country’s commitment to the international community to lower carbon emissions through smarter and more efficient use of automotive fuel for transport.