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Phoenix Petroleum opens first 2GO outlet in service station

Phoenix Petroleum opens first 2GO outlet in service station
Photo courtesy of Phoenix Petroleum

According to consultancy firm Lobien Realty Group (LRG), the Philippine logistics industry is projected to become a PHP1 trillion (USD19.8 billion) market by 2023 due to the growing popularity of e-market. With more industries and Filipinos becoming dependent on delivery and transport services, leading independent oil company Phoenix Petroleum is utilizing its sites to address the need, and somehow dip its toes in the growing sector.

Phoenix Petroleum is making basic courier services and even international shipments more accessible to businesses and consumers with the addition of transportation and logistics provider 2GO to its growing retail portfolio.

โ€œDuring the pandemic, logistics and transport providers played a vital role in the supply chain by offering services that many small and even big firms did not have the capacity to do so,โ€ said Phoenix President Henry Albert Fadullon.

โ€œSeeing as many of our own stakeholders are in need of such a service, as well as this being another way of creating bigger shared value for our customers and partners, it is only fitting that we make room in our Phoenix retail sites for 2GO as we make our touchpoints more purposeful and functional,โ€ said Fadullon. 

Unique retail concept

Earlier in the year, Phoenix Petroleum unveiled a unique retail concept that gathers the best of its strategic business units into one site. Named Phoenix Block, the franchise system turns retail stations into one-stop-shop destinations where customers can avail of a variety of goods and services. The first-ever Phoenix Block located at Sucat Skyway House marks the companyโ€™s pivot towards becoming a consumer brand, hosting an array of offerings, including a Phoenix gas station, Phoenix SUPER LPG, a FamilyMart convenience store, an Autoworx Plus shop, Possible payment services, an al fresco dining area showcasing Phoenix Asphalt, LIMITLESS digital transactions, and even a Wendyโ€™s drive-thru and take-out counter. Another Phoenix Block is set to open in Makati City. 

Meanwhile, the first 2GO outlet in a Phoenix station has opened along Shaw Boulevard, offering local and international freight services, as well as airline and ferry ticketing. With the partnership, Fadullon envisions that even entrepreneurs can look forward to new opportunities. It offers  a new revenue stream for Phoenix partners who want to start their own 2GO franchise and offer their customers new services and products, including services from 2GO express, 2GO travel, and FedEx. Furthermore, potential 2GO franchise owners can also expect access to 2GO merchandising materials, comprehensive training, and dedicated support. 

โ€œWhatever your delivery needs may be, we want convenient and efficient logistics services accessible for all. Thus, we are very excited to offer this indispensable service and business solution that will benefit not only potential partners seeking a viable enterprise, but most importantly, the most ordinary of Filipinos who deserve more convenience and an even more satisfying consumer experience when fulfilling their logistic needs,โ€ said Fadullon.