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Episode 28: Conversation with VeryOne’s R&D Director Anne-Gaelle Morin


Anne-Gaelle Morin is an R&D and technical strategy leader with 25 years of international scientific, regulatory and industrial  experience building up to a strong expertise in all chemistry for mobility. For the last 10 + years, she has been in  directorial roles outreaching into technical and sales fields, skilled into transforming new technology needs into precise technical roadmaps for portfolio management, transformation and consolidation. 

Anne joined VeryOne, a EURENCO company, focused on the development, production and sales of 2-EHN cetane improver and fuel additives based in Sorgues, France,. in 2015 as product manager, Additives. In 2017, she was promoted R&D director.

VeryOne has the world’s largest production capacity for 2-ethylhexyl nitrate (2-EHN)—80,000 metric tons per annum—one of the main cetane improver additives manufactured today. EURENCO is the European leader in military explosives, propellants and fuels, EURENCO also supplies explosives for the civil sector such as oil and gas drilling and mining.

In this podcast, Anne talks about the role of cetane improvers in diesel fuel and its future role in renewable diesel. She also explains how the upcoming Euro 7 regulations are going to be complex and expensive. She believes that the diesel engine will not disappear by 2035, despite the impending ban in the European Union, because in certain applications, there are no better alternatives. “There is no perfect solution to replace diesel,” she says.

With regards to renewable diesel, there will be stiff competition for feedstocks, which she believes will mostly go to the aviation sector, where sustainable aviation fuel is currently the only viable option to fossil-based jet fuel.