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Mansi Madan Tripathy on Shell Lubricant’s sustainability journey

Episode 34: Mansi Madan Tripathy on Shell Lubricant’s sustainability journey

Shell is not just an energy giant; it’s a pioneer steering the helm of the sustainability journey. Mansi Madan Tripathy, Shell Lubricants’ VP for Asia-Pacific, underscores this ethos. In a candid conversation with F+L Webcast, Tripathy unveils the intricate dance of intent, effort, and investment that defines Shell’s sustainability trajectory.

Tripathy’s narrative is rich, woven from her diverse experiences, including a stint at Procter & Gamble and her current role at Shell. She’s not just a business leader; she’s a witness to Shell Lubricant’s 35% carbon intensity reduction in scope 1 and 2 emissions in Asia-Pacific vs baseline year of 2016.

But how does a behemoth like Shell navigate the complex waters of sustainability? It’s a mix of strong intent, concerted effort, and strategic investments. The company is not just looking inward but is also focusing on the pivotal role of lubricants in amplifying efficiency.

Tripathy is candid about the challenges. The journey is peppered with tough investment choices and the need for experimentation. There’s a balance to strike.

Yet, Shell is undeterred. The company recently amplified the capacity of its Marunda Lubricants Oil Blending Plant in Indonesia, integrating sustainability features like solar power and a rainwater harvesting system. It’s a testament to Shell’s commitment to reducing its manufacturing carbon footprint consistently.

But the journey is collective. Tripathy emphasises the synergy of lubricant manufacturers, the government, OEMs, and consumers to fast-track progress. It’s a narrative that extends beyond the confines of business strategy, echoing the universal call for a sustainable future.

Lubricants, though often overlooked, are the silent enablers of a modern, efficient world. Tripathy underscores the need to elevate the relevance of this category, aligning product performance with sustainability credentials.

In the Asia-Pacific landscape, opportunities and challenges coexist. The cost-conscious nature of consumers, especially in Asia, is a significant hurdle. Yet, the gap between OEM recommendations and actual lubricant usage unveils a window of opportunity.

Electric vehicles (EVs) loom on the horizon, yet Tripathy is optimistic. Shell is already ahead, with a portfolio of electric vehicle lubricants and a focus shift from mere lubricants to comprehensive friction reduction solutions.

In the dynamic narrative of sustainability, Shell emerges not just as a participant but as a storyteller, weaving a future where business strategy and ecological responsibility converge seamlessly.

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