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Episode 8: Conversation with ALMU Executive Director Bernard Wong

ALMU Executive Director Bernard Wong discusses his 35+ year career with Mobil, BP and Lubrizol, including 19 of those years in China. Now, he has taken on a new challenge since retiring in July 2018 from The Lubrizol Corporation, where he was Asia-Pacific region head based in China. Bernard will play a key role in guiding ALMU members through a period of transformation for the lubricants industry while meeting the organisation’s ambitious growth targets.

“My role is a new role. This role is to really drive and execute the over-arching mission ALMU has. To do this, I will need to provide the leadership to the ALMU Team. Delivering events, services, to all our members. I believe if we do it properly, and I believe we will, this will ensure that ALMU’s growth and success will continue which will benefit all the members in ALMU. What’s important over the next two years, the four priorities have already been set by ALMU. What I need to do is to be able to work very closely with our Chairman Pai Kok Tan, the ALMU Council and also the subcommittee leaders to help them make sure we deliver all the projects and initiatives that have been set up.”

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