PT BOS named official Chevron-Caltex distributor in Indonesia
Photo courtesy of PT BOS

PT BOS named official Chevron-Caltex distributor in Indonesia

PT Berkat Oase Semesta (PT BOS) has been appointed as the official distributor of Chevron-Caltex lubricants for the power generation and oil & gas sectors in Indonesia. The announcement was made by PT Chevron Oil Products Indonesia (COPI), the principal distributor of Caltex-branded lubricants in Indonesia.

The formal agreement was signed in Jakarta, Indonesia, on May 30, 2024, in the presence of key representatives including Gilbert Dean, general manager of Chevron Southeast Asia, Budiman, director of Chevron Oil Product Indonesia, R. Joko Cahyono, territory sales manager of Chevron, Subandi, head of Sales of COPI, Raymond Widjaja, managing director of PT BOS, and D. Wahyu Bawono, senior manager of Business Development at PT BOS.

Strengthening market presence

With this appointment, PT BOS is set to play a crucial role in ensuring the efficient and reliable operation of power plants and oil & gas facilities across Indonesia. Bawono of PT BOS expressed his enthusiasm, stating, “We are extremely proud and excited about this designation by COPI. This partnership reflects our commitment to providing high-quality lubricants and the best solutions for the power generation and oil & gas industries in Indonesia.”

PT BOS, a subsidiary of POSX Group, brings a robust track record and extensive experience in lubricant distribution. The partnership with Chevron-Caltex marks a strategic move to reinforce their presence in the Indonesian market, particularly within critical sectors such as power generation and oil & gas.

Chevron Oil Products Indonesia, known globally for its high-quality lubricants under the Caltex brand, continues to innovate and meet the diverse needs of various industrial sectors. This collaboration with PT BOS aims to leverage both companies’ strengths to deliver superior products and services.

POSX Group, established in 2001, operates a large lube oil blending plant (LOBP) and manages multiple international and owned brands such as PanaOIL and Bardahl Lubricant. The group has a wide distribution network and a strong reputation in the Indonesian market, further solidifying the potential success of this new partnership.