PTT Philippines to introduce mini stations to attract smaller investors

The Philippine subsidiary of Thailand’s PTT Public Co. Ltd. plans to introduce “mini stations,” to attract smaller investors to franchise service stations.

“We will bring in the mini station concept so that more local investors can participate,” PTT Philippines Director for Operations and Logistics Korawat Sungmongkol said during the PTT Talakayan forum held in Pasay City.

“It’s going to be a smaller one, more economical but it will be more profitable for the investor.”

Mini stations need 800 to 1,000 square meters, compared to 1,000 to 1,800 sqm for a standard-size station. The company is also building a mega-station on a 2,000-sqm property in Pampanga.

The mini station concept would require an investment of PHP 6 million, compared to PHP 8 million for a regular station.

PTT Philippines plans to pilot test two mini stations this year prior to commercial rollout next year.

According to PTT Philippines Marketing Director Thitiroj Regsumran, the company plans to open 15 new stations a year. The company has so far opened two new stations this year – one in Cebu and another in Pampanga. Regsumran said seven more are under construction, while the others will start in the second half of this year.

Currently, PTT Philippines operates 84 service stations in Luzon and Cebu in the Visayas.

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