Puma Energy launches new line of high-performance lubricants

Puma Energy launches new line of high-performance lubricants
Photo courtesy of Puma Energy.

Puma Energy has launched a new line of high-performance lubricants, the Singapore-based global energy company said.

The new line is part of Puma’s ambitious goal to become one of the leading lubricant brands.

“Our focus lies in guaranteeing our industrial clients, businesses, and consumers the best lubricants in the market to reduce operational costs and provide better performance. For this reason we have invested in advanced molecular technologies to offer unique lubricants which respond to the distinctive needs and objectives of key segments,” said Govert Spit, global manager of lubricants.

Puma’s lubricants products have undergone a brand overhaul and have a new image, the company added.

Puma’s customers can find the new lubricants in the 1,240 Puma Energy service stations spread across 10 South American countries, as well as in the 2,300 service stations around the world.

The company has regional hubs in Johannesburg, South Africa; San Juan, Puerto Rico; Brisbane, Australia; and Tallinn, Estonia.

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