Rabigh First Lubricants Co. launches SK’s ZIC lubricants in Saudi Arabia

Rabigh First Lubricants Company, a subsidiary of Saudi Arabia-based pipe coating company Globetech, launched ZIC lubricants in Saudi Arabia. Rabigh First Lubricants has a licensing agreement with South Korea’s SK Lubricants until 2020.

SK Vice President Lee Young said SK’s partnership with Rabigh First Lubricants has enabled SK to enter the Middle East and North Africa region.

“Our strategic partnership with SK is meant to support the Saudi lubricant market with high efficiency products that preserve the environment,” said Ahman Bin Hammad Alkhonini, CEO of Rabigh First Lubricants.

“Our company, in spite of being young [the company was established in 2013], has chosen since the very first day to start where others have ended, so it has conducted researches and studies to attract global companies who have proved their presence and products’ efficiency in the global markets to contribute in advancing the national economy and supporting it in order to lay the foundations of a productive future,” said Yaser Bin Ahmad Alshiekh, general manager of Rabigh First Lubricants.

Besides manufacturing finished lubricants, SK Lubricants is also the largest Group III base oil producer in the world.

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