Repsol introduces new range of fluids for electric vehicles

Repsol has launched its new EV-FLUIDS range for electric vehicles and motorcycles. With this initiative, the multi-energy company consolidates its position as a key player in electric mobility in Spain and reinforces its objective of being a net zero emissions company by 2050.

This new range of EV-FLUIDS will come from Repsol’s plant in the Puertollano Industrial Complex in Spain. 

After the globalization process of this business, Repsol’s production of lubricants is articulated in three production hubs (Puertollano, Spain, Mexico and Indonesia), with Puertollano being the main one, accounting for 60% of its lubricant production. 

The project has also had the participation of the Repsol Technology Lab, one of the most avant-garde private research centers in Europe, which has defined the most suitable formulas for this type of lubricant applications.

International growth 

Repsol leads the sale of lubricants in the Iberian Peninsula, with a share of 25% in Spain and 19% in Portugal in 2020. Repsol’s Lubricants business is the most international of the multi-energy group, since it is active in 78 countries. 

Last year Repsol sold 193,000 tons of lubricants, which represents a growth of 40% compared to 2015 thanks to this international expansion. The acquisition of 40% of the Mexican company Bardahl in 2018 and 40% of United Oil, based in Singapore, and with a preferential presence in Indonesia in 2019 represented a step forward in Repsol’s growth strategy for its lubricants business. 

In 2020, 30% of the volume sold was obtained through these two investees. This year, this international expansion will be consolidated, focusing on priority markets: Spain, Portugal, France, Italy, Romania, Indonesia, Mexico, Thailand, Colombia, Peru and Brazil. The goal is to achieve total lubricant sales of more than 300,000 tons by 2025.

Five new product lines 

The EV-FLUIDS range will be available in Repsol’s usual distribution channels, that is, in the wide network of service stations that the company has distributed throughout Spain, mainly official distributors and specialized workshops. This innovative product line adds to the wide catalog of lubricants.

Repsol, in its commitment to electric mobilit,y has launched this new range focused on 100% electric vehicles that adds to the Hybrid range that it already launched in the market in 2019. The Hybrid range is made up of low viscosity synthetic lubricants, which reduce CO2 emissions and are designed to offer the best performance in hybrid vehicles with gasoline and electric engines, both plug-in (PHEV) and non-plug-in (HEV). 

Repsol’s new range of products for electric vehicles is made up of five new product lines:  

EV-FLUIDS Complex Synth Grease. Long-lasting synthetic grease recommended for the lubrication of bearings, electric motors and other components of electric vehicles, with specially developed lubricating and conductivity properties to achieve excellent protection and optimum performance.  

EV-FLUIDS Battery Thermal Fluid. Biodegradable dielectric fluid with excellent heat removal capacity and high resistance to oxidation, especially suitable for direct cooling (immersion) by direct contact of components of electric vehicles, such as batteries, electric motors or inverters that require good control of the temperature to optimize its operation. 

EV-FLUIDS Coolant Antifreeze 50%. Refrigerant fluid with excellent heat removal capacity and resistance to oxidation at high temperatures. Especially suitable for indirect cooling of electric vehicle components, such as batteries, electric motors or inverters that require good temperature control to optimize their operation.  

EV-FLUIDS Drive ATF. Low viscosity lubricant for automatic transmissions of electric vehicles, designed to protect gear and gearbox bearings from wear and corrosion, with improved oxidation stability and excellent dielectric properties.

EV-FLUIDS Brake Fluid DOT 5.1. Fluid developed for the hydraulic brakes of modern vehicles equipped with control and driving aid systems, such as ABS, ESP or ADAS. It is especially suitable for electric and hybrid vehicles due to its high boiling points (dry and wet), low viscosity and lower conductivity. It meets DOT 5.1, DOT 4LV, DOT 4, and DOT 3 specifications, so it has wide applicability.

Electric mobility

The new range of exclusive products for electric vehicles and motorcycles adds to Repsol’s commitment to electric mobility. Currently, Repsol’s public recharging network is one of the most relevant infrastructures of this type in Spain, with more than 250 public access points, including 70 fast-charging points, most of them located in service stations. which positions the multi-energy company as a leader in fast charging at service stations in the country. To this network must be added the first charging station for electric vehicles that incorporates energy storage in Spain, located in a Repsol de la NI service station as it passes through the Guipuzcoan town of Tolosa, and the first two charging points ultrafast service on the Iberian Peninsula, installed in 2019 at Repsol service stations in Lopidana (Álava) and Ugaldebieta (Bizkaia), which allow the battery to be recharged in a time of between five and 10 minutes. In the coming years, the company wants to have an electric recharging point every 50 km, some 1,000 recharging points, taking advantage of the capillarity of its network of 3,400 service stations.

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