ROCOL launches new environmentally friendly lubricant for marine-related industries

ROCOL, based in Leeds, UK, has introduced a new environmentally friendly product for customers in marine-related industries. BIOGEN Marine Rope Dressing is a U.S. Vessel General Permit (VGP) and European Ecolabel (pending) compliant lubricant for crane wire ropes, container lashings, lifeboat falls, shackles and small winch ropes. BIOGEN Marine Rope Dressing is designed specifically for use in the shipping, ports and docks, dredging and deep sea fishing industries. It possesses the qualities and characteristics to support operations in hostile marine environments that place specific demands upon lubricant performance. “The launch of BIOGEN Marine Rope Dressing adds a new dimension to our product range. It is designed to help customers improve their operational performance and meet their environmental responsibilities at the same time,” said Brendan Kendrick, business development director at ROCOL. “It is a high quality product with proven corrosion resistance performance that in turn extends the operational life of ropes. In short, it represents the latest example of how ROCOL technology can provide resource and cost-saving benefits for our customers.” Established more than 130 years ago, ROCOL is a global manufacturer of lubricants and associated products across a number of sectors including the offshore, automotive, aerospace, marine, industrial, food and drink, transport and mining industries. ROCOL is part of ITW, a Fortune 150 company,

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