Royal Purple launches aftermarket additive to help boost fuel economy
Photo courtesy of Royal Purple

Royal Purple launches aftermarket additive to help boost fuel economy

The Royal Purple® brand, maker of premium synthetic oils, has launched their newest innovation: Max-Restore™ High Mileage Fuel Treatment. The Max-Restore™ product is a highly concentrated, high-performance fuel treatment that is specially formulated to solve performance problems typically found in higher-mileage vehicles, according to parent Calumet Branded Products. Those issues include reduced fuel economy, increased emissions, engine wear and lower performance.

Based in Porter, Texas, U.S.A., Royal Purple brand products are manufactured by Calumet Branded Products, LLC a wholly owned subsidiary of Calumet Specialty Products Partners, L.P. (NASDAQ: CLMT).

Many older vehicles have reduced fuel economy due to poor combustion, primarily caused by high levels of carbon deposits and wear. The carbon deposits and wear can also create higher emissions that make it difficult for the vehicle to pass emissions testing. This results in more wear on critical parts and loss of performance, including poor acceleration and hard-starting.

“At a time when many Americans are keeping their vehicles for longer than ever before, we felt it was critical to develop a product to help vehicle owners experience better performance and longer life from their older cars and trucks,” said Rusty Waples, director of Brand and Product Marketing for Royal Purple. “Because no matter what drives you and no matter the age of your vehicle, Royal Purple is always going to offer the best possible performance solutions.” 

The product contains a high dose of polyether amine (PEA) and proprietary detergents that quickly clean stubborn, long-term deposits often found clogging injectors and creating buildup on intake valves and ports of higher-mileage vehicles. It also provides a protective barrier to keep new deposits from forming. This optimises the injector spray pattern and better atomises fuel as it enters the combustion chamber, resulting in restored power and performance, reduced emissions, smoother idle and quicker/easier starts. The robust formula also utilises a friction modifier to reduce wear, help extend engine life and improve fuel economy.