RSC Bio Solutions’ high-performance hydraulic fluids receive MAN approval

RSC Bio  Solutions  announced  that  its  EnviroLogic  3068  and  EnviroLogic  3100  high-performance hydraulic  fluids  have  been  approved  for  use  in  MAN  Diesel  &  Turbo Systems.

The  EnviroLogic  3000  series  consists  of  readily  biodegradable  synthetic  hydraulic  fluids  designed for  extreme  operating  temperatures  and  pressures.  Because  they  are  formulated  to  provide exceptional  oxidation  and  thermal  properties,  these  products  are  ideal  for  mobile  or  marine hydraulic  and  propulsion  systems  operating  in  environmentally  sensitive  areas, the company said.

The  hydraulic  fluids  can  withstand  temperatures  as  high  as  150°F  or  as  low  as 20°F,  and  they  can  handle  pressure  as  great  as  5,000+  psi.  When  compared  to  conventional, petroleum-based  hydraulic  oils,  the  EnviroLogic  3000  Series  offers  excellent  wear  protection  and long changeover intervals.

Under the new OEM approval, EnviroLogic 3068 and EnviroLogic 3100 are approved for use in the following MAN systems: Fixed pitch propellers (FPP) with oil lubricated stern tube; Search Controllable pitch propellers (CPP) with common oil lubricated stern tube and hub; Controllable pitch propellers ( CPP) with separate oil lubricated stern tube and hub Controllable pitch propellers (CPP) with water lubricated stern tube and oil lubricated hub.

“We have been supporting the marine industry with our environmentally acceptable lubricants and long list of approvals for 20 years. We are excited that we continue to add to our depth and breadth of OEM approvals in continued support of the area,” said Bernard C. Roell, Jr., vice president of technology at RSC Bio Solutions based in Charlotte, N.C., U.S.A.