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RSC Bio Solutions launches new line of bio-based lubricants

RSC Bio Solutions, a global leader in environmentally acceptable lubricants (EALs) and cleaners headquartered in Charlotte, North Carolina, U.S.A., has launched a new revolutionary product line of bio-based lubricants. The only hydrocarbon renewable EAL derived from a plant-based material, FUTERRA™ was designed to outperform other products on the market while meeting the most stringent global environmental regulations at a more attractive price point.

RSC Bio Solutions says that FUTERRA offers superior performance in both wet and dry environments, holds up to extreme conditions in contact with water in high-pressure and extreme temperatures and has higher durability compared to other EALs, which results in greater system efficiency, fewer change-outs and extended equipment life. Additionally, FUTERRA offers ultimate system and seal compatibility and is miscible with legacy fluids, so it does not disrupt operations schedules, increasing system uptime and efficiency.

According to RSC Bio Solutions, FUTERRA is the only EAL from a renewable hydrocarbon resource and is a drop-in replacement for mineral oil- or petroleum-based lubricants.

As an Ecolabel-certified product, FUTERRA is suitable for use anywhere in the world, giving marine companies the ultimate route and equipment flexibility, the company says.

“FUTERRA is the clear choice for risk mitigation in sensitive areas without sacrificing performance, quality or cost-effectiveness,” says Mike Guggenheimer, president and CEO, RSC Bio Solutions. “We believe that forward-looking and operationally efficient ship management teams will be keenly interested in this new technology as they anticipate future trends.”

FUTERRA, which RSC Bio Solutions says can last three to four times longer than other EALs comes with 10-year performance guarantee with some restrictions, for stern tube applications.

FUTERRA is truly a breakthrough in our industry,” says Bernie Roell, vice president of research & development, at RSC Bio Solutions. “It outperforms all other EALs currently on the market, meets OEM specifications and is the new standard for EALs in the marine industry.”