Rymax Lubricants introduces Apollo ECO line
Photo courtesy of Rymax Lubricants

Rymax Lubricants introduces Apollo ECO line

Rymax Lubricants, based in Zevenaar, The Netherlands, has introduced Apollo ECO line, a new product line of fuel-economy engine oils that meet the latest industry standards, including API, ILSAC, and ACEA.

The new Rymax ECO product line offers a variety of full synthetic engine oils for gasoline, diesel and hybrid engines. The lubricants comply with the latest API SN Plus Resource Conserving classification, ILSAC GF-5 and ILSAC GF-6, and ACEA C2 standards. The ECO line consists of low viscosity, fuel-saving engine oils with maximum protection against LSPI (Low Speed Pre-Ignition). The ECO range offers  0W-20 and 0W-30 viscosity grades. The highlight of the ECO range is a completely new 0W-16 full synthetic engine oil, particularly suitable for modern hybrid engines. 

In order to reduce the company’s carbon footprint, Rymax Lubricants has changed the packaging and logistical process around its new ECO products. The ECO products are contained in a 95% recycled plastic bottle. It still has the distinctive Rymax shape but barely any virgin plastic is used. Also, no paint is used to color the bottle, resulting in a natural look. In addition to the recycled bottle, the cardboard box that holds the 4-liter bottles is made of 70% recycled paper, including an FSC-mix certification. Rymax also plans to offer the ECO line in a 20-liter bag-in-box solution, for a highly improved logistical process and further reduction of landfill waste. 

Another initiative increasing consciousness around mother nature is the company’s partnership with ‘One Tree Planted’, the initiative that plants a tree for every box of Rymax Apollo ECO sold. 

Rymax Lubricants is a proud partner of the HAN Solarboat ‘Photon’, which is run by the HAN University of Applied Sciences. The Photon’s mission is to show the world that ‘embracing green’ can be very attractive, sporty and challenging. It is participating in the prestigious Monaco Solar & Energy Boat Challenge. 

“We strongly feel that as a company with so much expertise in the lubricants industry, we should have full focus on what we can do to make the world a better place for future generations. The introduction of the Rymax ECO product line is just the beginning. We are ambitious and driven by the deeply rooted motivation to improve every day. In the past we have done so by making excellent lubricants and greases and by being a full-service partner to our network of over 55 distributors worldwide. Today, we look at the environment more than ever before. Therefore, we set goals to reduce our carbon footprint whilst remaining an excellent and conscious partner for our sales partners, also asking them to do their part,” said Rymax Lubricants CEO Herman Peene.