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S-OIL launches SEVEN EV lubricants for electric vehicles

S-OIL launches SEVEN EV lubricants for electric vehicles
Photo courtesy of S-OIL

South Korea’s S-OIL last week launched S-OIL SEVEN EV, a lubricant product range exclusively for electric vehicles (EVs).

S-OIL SEVEN EV is the name of the representative lineup of various lubricants for electric vehicles developed by S-OIL to lead ESG management in response to the global trend of expanding eco-friendly mobility. Environmental, Social, and Corporate Governance (ESG) is an evaluation of a firm’s collective conscientiousness for social and environmental factors.

Domestic sales of lubricants exclusively for hybrid vehicle engines will begin within this year, and other electric vehicle products such as axle oils are scheduled to be released after.

S-OIL focused on the development of lubricants for electric vehicles by responding quickly to changes in the automobile industry and environment-friendly policies that are being strengthened worldwide. As of today, S-Oil has completed the development of four types of lubricants, and has gone through a branding process, as well as container design, in preparation for the product launch in its domestic and overseas markets.

Establishing a separate technology center to develop lubricants

S-OIL is preemptively responding to the expansion of the eco-friendly automobile market by establishing a separate Magok Technology Development Center (TS&D Center) for the development of lubricants. In particular, the excellent quality of lubricants for electric vehicles is being recognized by supplying exclusive lubricants for electric vehicles, which are being produced by the largest automaker in South Korea starting this year.

“In addition to the development of electric vehicle lubricant products, we plan to actively practice ESG management such as manufacturing eco-friendly containers using recycled containers in the future,” according to an S-OIL official. “We are also accelerating the further development of various lubricants.”

In addition to finished products, S-OIL also produces 44,700 barrels per day of Group I, Group II and Group III base oils the raw material for finished lubricants, in Ulsan, South Korea.