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Sandvik launches new high-performance, eco-friendly grease

Sandvik launches new high-performance, eco-friendly grease
Photo courtesy of Sandvik

Sandvik, an engineering group in mining and rock excavation, metal-cutting and materials technology based in Stockholm, Sweden, has launched a new high-performance grease for hydraulic hammers. BIO Tool Grease offers a greener alternative to plant machinery upkeep, the company said.

“Sandvik is committed to delivering more sustainable and productive solutions to our customers. We believe sustainability and productivity go hand in hand. As an important step on our green range journey, we are now proud to launch the BIO Tool Grease to equip our customers with the choice of going greener,” said Martin Nyström, president for the attachment tools division at Sandvik Rock Processing Solutions.

Formulated to be more eco-friendly

The high-performance grease is the first product to be added to Sandvik’s latest Green Range and is specially formulated to be more eco-friendly.  

“When developing this new BIO Tool Grease, our two most important criteria were environmental friendliness and lubricity, and the new grease meets both excellently,” said Jouni-Pekka Hiltunen, product line manager at Sandvik Rock Processing Solutions.

The lithium complex thickened BIO Tool Grease is based on biodegradable esters and polyalphaolefin (PAO), and contains corrosion inhibitors, antioxidants, and bismuth technology-based extreme pressure/anti-wear (EP/AW) additives. This special formulation makes the grease suitable for both high- and low-temperature applications and provides excellent wear protection and high-load carrying capacity, the company said.

Moreover, the grease product’s complex soap structure ensures great mechanical stability, prolonging re-lubrication intervals and enhancing performance in vibrating housing.

Being readily biodegradable means BIO Tool Grease is safe for use in underwater applications and in environmentally sensitive locations such as groundwater areas. It is also ideal when operating in urban and city centre sites with strict building codes.

BIO Tool Grease is supplied in three grease cartridge sizes: 400g, 500g, and 18kg.