SCA and St1 Nordic Oy form biofuels bio refinery joint venture
Photo courtesy of SCA

SCA and St1 Nordic Oy form biofuels biorefinery joint venture

SCA and St1 Nordic Oy have entered into a joint venture to produce and sell liquid biofuels. SCA will supply tall oil to the joint venture and will invest approximately SEK0.6 billion (USD69 million) in the company. 

SCA and St1 Nordic Oy will be equal shareholders of the joint venture, which will own a 50% stake in the St1 Gothenburg Biorefinery, which is now making an investment in a biorefinery with a total capacity of 200,000 tonnes of liquid biofuels. Estimated total investment in the biorefinery is SEK2.5 billion (USD0.29 billion). The new biorefinery will be operational in Q2 2023.

Partnership is a key element in renewable fuels investment program

“Partnership with SCA is a key element in the implementation of our renewable fuels investment program and it secures the supply of renewable feedstock materials to meet the ambitious Nordic climate targets for 2030,” says Henrikki Talvitie, CEO of St1 Nordic Oy.

“In line with our communicated long-term strategy, we will now with the joint venture with St1 go from being a supplier of tall oil to the chemical and fuel industries to becoming active in the further refining of our renewable raw materials,” says Ulf Larsson, president and CEO of SCA. “We will continue to develop the business potential of the renewable by-products we have from our forests and industries in order to further develop our value chain and to contribute to the EU’s ambitious climate strategy.”

Biorefinery will use tall oil as feedstock

The new biorefinery is under construction on the St1 refinery site in Gothenburg, Sweden, and will have a total capacity of 200,000 tonnes of liquid biofuels. It is designed to optimize production of renewable HVO diesel and biojet fuel and to use tall oil-based feedstock. The joint venture will have access to SCA’s tall oil, a by-product from the kraft pulp production at SCA’s mills in Östrand, Obbola and Munksund. The biorefinery will also be capable of using a wide range of other feedstocks and is expected to be operational in the second quarter of 2023.

As part of the agreement, St1  also becomes a 50% owner of SCA Östrand Biorefinery. The Östrand biorefinery project has recently received environmental permits for the production of 300,000 tonnes of liquid biofuels based on black liquor, a by-product from kraft pulp production, and solid biomass, such as sawdust or bark. The biorefinery in Östrand is a development project where a number of technological challenges remain to be solved before a project design can be finalized.

St1 Nordic Oy, headquartered in Helsinki, Finland,  is a Nordic energy group whose vision is to be the leading producer and seller of CO2-aware energy. The Group researches and develops economically viable, environmentally sustainable energy solutions. St1 focuses on fuels marketing activities, oil refining and renewable energy solutions such as waste-based advanced ethanol fuels and industrial wind power. The Group has 1,250 St1 and Shell-branded retail stations in Finland, Sweden and Norway. 

SCA, with headquarters in Sundsvall, Sweden, is Europe’s largest private forest holding. Around this unique resource, SCA has built a well-developed value chain based on renewable raw material from the company’s own and others’ forests. SCA offers packaging paper, pulp, wood products, renewable energy, services for forest owners and efficient transport solutions.