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SEQENS introduces new extreme pressure additive for MWF

SEQENS introduces new extreme pressure additive for MWF
Photo courtesy of SEQENS

SEQENS, a world leader in pharmaceutical solutions and specialty ingredients based in Ecully, France, is extending its extreme pressure (EP) additives product range with the introduction of a new sulfurized ester, SULFAD® 1717E. 

The French company offers a wide range of extreme pressure additives with customizable features, enabling the formulation and fine-tuning for neat and soluble oils, greases and industrial lubricants.  

SEQENS’ extreme pressure additives are sulfurized molecules that provide resistance to high  loads, combined with good anti-wear (AW) properties. They react with metal surfaces under heavy loads, forming a physical barrier that persists under extreme conditions,  preventing metal-to-metal contact. The percentage of sulfur varies from 10% to 34%, active or inactive.  

SULFAD 1717E is a unique additive which meets customers’ needs for compatibility with formulations which contain esters. Esters compete with copper corrosion inhibitors at the surface of the metal, making it very complex to find the right balance between EP and AW performances,  copper corrosion properties and health and safety requirements.  

This product was specifically developed to have optimum copper corrosion  performances when diluted in esters, saturated and unsaturated, as well as in paraffinic oils.  Also, SULFAD® 1717E has optimum solubility in Group I, II, III paraffinic base stocks and in naphthenic base stocks, depending on the base oil origin. 

SULFAD® 1717E is a light-colored, low-odour sulfurized mixture of natural fatty acid esters  recommended for metalworking applications and greases additivation.  

Thanks to its low viscosity, SULFAD® 1717E can be ideally used for formulating  metalworking fluids (MWF) such as deep hole drilling, grinding and honing oils from which good  cooling effect is required. 

SULFAD® 1717E is widely available, making it a versatile additive suitable for various formulation needs worldwide.