Shell celebrates strategic partnership in Saudi Arabia with BMW

Shell Saudi Arabia celebrated its strategic partnership with Mohammed Yousuf Naghi Motors Company, the official BMW Group importer in Saudi Arabia. Shell will produce and supply BMW’s branded engine oils. The strategic partnership between Shell Saudi Arabia and Mohammed Yousuf Naghi Motors Company was announced at an official ceremony held in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia recently.

Present during the occasion were Waqar Siddiqui, CEO of Shell Saudi Arabia, and Stavros Paraskevaides, managing director of Mohammed Yousuf Naghi Motors Company.

“We are proud of this partnership with one of the most important companies in the Saudi automotive sector, and we shall do our best to enhance and strengthen this partnership,” Siddiqui said.

Genuine BMW engine oils use Shell’s Pure Plus technology, which makes lubricating base oils (a key component in any lubricant formulation) from natural gas, rather than from crude oil.

“Pure Plus technology is about exploiting natural gas energy to produce the next generation of engine oils. Shell’s PurePlus Technology is a breakthrough in how engine oils are formulated. It is a patented gas-to-liquid (GTL) process, developed over 40 years of research, which converts natural gas into crystal-clear base oil,” he added.

“We are pleased with this partnership here in Saudi Arabia to reflect the global partnership between the two international companies, BMW has high quality standard when it comes to engine oils, which must be consistent and meet the latest specifications of BMW engines,” said Paraskevaides.