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Shell China inaugurates Digital Innovation Lab

The Shell China Digital Innovation Laboratory was launched this week in Hangzhou, in China’s Zhejiang province.

Present during the inauguration were Tang Mingran, Shell vice president of Global Commercial for China and Hong Kong, who highlighted digital innovation as one of Shellโ€™s strategic focuses, and Roger Moulding, vice president of Global Marketing at Shell Lubricants.

During the opening ceremony, Shell China officially launched its first digital platform, LubeMaster, for intelligent lubricant services.

According to Chen Bin, sales manager for Shell industrial lubricants, Shell will use LubeMaster to support the companyโ€™s push towards digitalization. Based on Tencent’s enterprise service technology and platform, LubeMaster provides digital, intelligent and customized online and offline lubricant management services for industrial customers.

It is estimated that by 2022, the digital platform will reach its goal of connecting 20,000 industrial customers and 200,000 devices.

The platform is expected to provide more than 50,000 offline oil tests and 20,000 onsite lubricant services via โ€œone-clickโ€ online ordering.