June 06, 2020

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Shell launches fully synthetic Helix HX8 motor oil in India
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Shell Lubricants has launched Shell Helix HX8, a fully synthetic engine oil, in India.

“We have seen the trend that consumers are actively shifting to synthetic motor oils,” said Mansi Tripathy, country general manager, Shell Lubricants, India.

India’s automotive car segment is growing at about 9% per year, whereas SUVs are growing at an astounding rate of more than 30% per year.  Most SUVs are powered by turbocharged engines that provide higher power output, which means higher stress on vital engine parts.

“Therefore, we identified the need for an engine oil which adapts to severe conditions and protects the engine on every drive.  With Shell Helix HX8, we will be able to cater to the changing demand of the consumers and strengthen our commitment to the Indian market and expand our portfolio,” she said.

Shell said Helix HX8 forms protective barriers around critical and high-risk engine parts, providing 40% better wear and 78% better corrosion protection, as well as 58% better oxidation stability and high-temperature deposit control compared to industry reference oils.

“The engine is the heart of a vehicle and needs to be protected by the right engine oil for better performance, longer life and above all, ensuring a smooth drive,” Tripathy said.

Shell Helix HX8 engine oil is available in 3.5-, 4.5- and 1-litre packs across India. It is priced at INR 850 (USD 12.95) per liter.

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