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Shell launches strategic cooperation with FAW Jie Fang Truck

Shell has entered into a strategic cooperation with FAW Jie Fang Truck Co. Ltd., China’s largest manufacturer of heavy-duty trucks. The new agreement deepens Shell’s relationship with FAW, having been its premium lubricants supplier for first-fill and service-fill oils for many years. Shell and FAW also recently successfully trialled 100,000 km long oil drain intervals for the entire powertrain system, including engine, transmission and axle via rigorous bench tests of more 10,000 hours and 1.5 million km of road trials, a first in China.

The strategic cooperation between these two companies spans a broad range of areas, including sales, marketing, brand and technology. In the new programme titled 万“ 里 无 ”” (Worry-free Miles), Shell and FAW will jointly develop a new range of lubricants for engines, transmissions and axles, with the aim of achieving even longer oil drain intervals, increasing fuel efficiency and reducing emissions. These new products will be co-branded, bringing together Shell’s reputation as a leading lubricants manufacturer and supplier and FAW’s reputation as the leading producer of heavy-duty vehicles in China.

“We are very pleased to enhance our technical and commercial cooperation with FAW. It brings together two industry-leading companies and brands, working together to provide new products and services to help give customers piece of mind on the quality and longevity of their equipment,” said James Shen, general manager of Shell Lubricants in Greater China.

In addition, Shell and FAW will also collaborate to strengthen after-sales services with Shell providing technical training to FAW service staff and by conducting joint market research on customer needs. This will help provide more value for customers, reducing maintenance costs and maximising operations, as well as improved after-sales customer service.