Shell makes first delivery of Carbon Neutral 100LL Avgas
Photo courtesy of Shell

Shell makes first delivery of Carbon Neutral 100LL Avgas

Shell Trading (US) Company and Shell Aviation delivered the first truckload of Carbon Neutral aviation gasoline (avgas) to Avfuel as part of a new offer for customers refueling at select FBO locations in the U.S. 

Avfuel Corporation, a global supplier of aviation fuels, systems, and services based in Ann Arbor, Michigan, U.S.A., purchased a 7,000-gallon truckload of Avgas bundled with carbon credits to compensate for 75 metric tons of carbon dioxide equivalent (CO2e) emissions. Avfuel’s global network includes a fueling network of more than 3,000 worldwide locations and more than 650 Avfuel branded dealers throughout North America and Europe. 

Avgas is the type of aviation fuel used in small piston engine-powered aircraft within the general aviation community. These aircraft are predominantly used by private pilots and flying clubs and for tasks such as flight training and crop dusting. Avgas 100LL is the low-lead version of Avgas 100. Avgas 100LL is dyed blue.

Avgas remains the only transportation fuel in the United States to contain lead. The most common and reliable type of avgas is 100 octane Low Lead, also known as 100LL. This leaded fuel contains tetra-ethyl-lead (TEL), which is an additive used to prevent engine damage at higher power settings.

Carbon Neutral 100LL Avgas is traditional 100LL avgas that Shell, in collaboration with Avfuel Corporation, delivers bundled together with carbon credits. The lifecycle CO2e emissions from the product including the raw materials, transport, production, distribution, and usage of the product will be offset by Shell’s global portfolio of verified nature-based carbon credits.

“Avfuel is proud to collaborate with Shell to help further advance aviation’s sustainability goals,” said Joel Hirst, Avfuel vice president of sales. “By supplying avgas that is already offset with carbon credits — making for a carbon-neutral avgas option—we can make the concept of net-zero more accessible for the aviation community.” 

Shell is working to provide energy solutions for airline, corporate, cargo and general aviation customers to help them reduce their net carbon footprint. While measures to avoid and reduce emissions offer the best way to tackle emissions in the long term, until lower-carbon technologies and fuels are developed at scale, carbon credits provide an immediate solution within general aviation.