Shell Malaysia launches Shell Rimula Ultra 5W-30
From left to right: Sng Miah Thye, Baljit Singh, May Tan and Ravi Shankar. Photo courtesy of Shell Malaysia.

Shell Malaysia launches Shell Rimula Ultra 5W-30

Shell Malaysia has officially launched Shell Rimula Ultra 5W-30, Shell’s most advanced fully synthetic heavy-duty diesel engine oil to-date. 

Shell Rimula Ultra 5W-30 complies with European ACEA E6 and ACEA E9 specifications and manufacturers’ approvals for use in ultra-modern diesel engines that meet Euro 4 up to Euro 6 emission standards.

Shell Rimula Ultra 5W-30 is competitively priced and offers longer oil life and extended oil drain intervals of up to 150,000 km, better engine wear protection under all terrains and weather conditions, as well as better fuel economy.

“As the largest lubricants supplier in the world for the past 12 consecutive years, we at Shell understand the needs of our customers. We are a partner you can trust to deliver the most advanced and proven lubricant solutions that are backed by unmatched technical support,” said Shell Lubricants General Manager for Malaysia and Singapore, Baljit Singh.

May Tan, Shell Lubricants marketing manager for Malaysia and Singapore, highlighted the global shift towards low-viscosity, synthetic lubricants. One of the key benefits of low-viscosity engine oils is better fuel economy, and with fuel being one of the largest cost items for commercial fleets, this becomes a highly attractive feature of the engine oil.  However, engine durability is a concern for some OEMs, so with lighter weight oils, the right lubricant formulation plays a very important role.

“This is critical for fleet operators, especially in today’s challenging economic environment. We see Malaysia as the right market for it and we are the first market in ASEAN to launch the new flagship product today. The all-new Shell Rimula Ultra is a result of Shell’s technology leadership in lubricants, which is driven by world class research and development and extensive technical collaborations with leading OEMs, universities and industry bodies.”