Shell survey points to greater awareness among Asian drivers of lubricant’s impact on vehicle fuel efficiency

In a survey of 5,000 people conducted by Shell across five Asian countries – China, India, Pakistan, Singapore and Vietnam – nine out of 10 drivers are said to be aware that a high-quality motor oil can help improve their vehicle’s fuel efficiency. China (98%) was the highest, while Singapore (70%) was the lowest.

“It’s great to see that most drivers in Asia are already aware of the importance of choosing a high-quality motor oil for their vehicles,” said Goh Swee Chen, vice president, Shell Lubricants Asia Pacific.

While findings vary by country, the numbers also showed that 87% of all those surveyed knew the importance of choosing the right type of motor oil suitable for their respective vehicles.

Eight in 10 chose their brand or type of motor oil according to the recommendations of their mechanic or vehicle manufacturer. In India, 66% followed their vehicle manufacturer’s recommendation while in Singapore, 53% followed their mechanic’s recommendation.

A majority of drivers surveyed (six out of 10) also said that they leave the task of changing their oil to professional mechanics at private or original equipment manufacturer (OEM)-approved workshops. Vietnamese drivers are more likely to have their oil changed at a private workshop (47%) than at OEM workshops (23%).

Interestingly, six out of 10 drivers said they were not aware of the difference between synthetic and conventional mineral motor oils. In particular, a greater proportion (70%) of drivers in Pakistan and Vietnam said they did not know the difference between these two types of motor oils.