Shell unveils major EV charging hub in Shenzhen, China
Photo courtesy of Shell

Shell unveils major EV charging hub in Shenzhen, China

In a significant move towards promoting electric mobility, Shell has inaugurated its most expansive electric vehicle (EV) charging station in Shenzhen, China, situated a mere 2.5 kilometers from the Shenzhen Airport Terminal. This station, boasting 258 public fast-charging points, is a collaborative effort between Shenzhen Shell and BYD Electric Vehicle Investment Company Limited.

During its preliminary operation, the Shell Recharge Shenzhen Airport EV Station catered to more than 3,300 EVs daily. Beyond charging, the facility provides amenities like Shell Select retail, a Shell Café, vending areas, and a lounge for drivers. Notably, the station’s rooftop solar panels are projected to produce around 300,000 kilowatt-hours of green electricity annually, directly powering the EVs.

In March 2022, Shell and BYD forged a strategic alliance to expedite the energy transition and refine the EV charging experience. Their joint venture in China currently manages more than 13,000 charging points in Shenzhen.

István Kapitány, Shell’s global executive vice president for Mobility, stated, “This initiative underscores our dedication to addressing our Chinese customers’ evolving demands. Our stations in China are witnessing utilisation rates that significantly outpace the local industry average. China remains pivotal for Shell Mobility’s growth, and we’re eager to enhance our offerings here.”

As EV adoption surges, Shell continues diversifying its energy solutions. In Wuhan, the recently launched Panlong Integrated Energy Station showcases Shell’s multifaceted approach, offering a myriad of mobility products and services. This includes the newly introduced Shell V-Power Racing in China, a fuel blend promising enhanced power and acceleration.

Shell has significantly expanded its core operations in China, collaborating with industry giants like PetroChina and CNOOC. With nearly 2,800 mobility locations, Shell’s EV charging network in China encompasses 25,000 public charge points. Additionally, Shell plays a pivotal role in China’s energy trading, offering diverse solutions through Shell Energy (China) Co., Ltd.

Shell has a global presence with more than 40,000 public charge points at various locations, aiming to expand this number to approximately 200,000 by 2030.