June 06, 2020

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Shell’s Nangang lube oil blending plant completes solar project
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Photo courtesy of Shell

Shell’s Nangang lube oil blending plant, its newest in China, has just completed a solar project that will generate 1.1 million kWh of electricity annually, or up to 20% of the plant’s power needs. Also harnessing the sun’s energy is the Zhapu plant in Zhejiang, East China, which has used solar energy since April. It will generate more than 900 MWh of electricity yearly. 

The Nangang lubricant oil blending plant was opened in 2015 and can produce 330 million litres of finished lubricants per year, while the Zhapu lubricant oil blending plant opened in 1998 and can produce about 400 million litres of finished lubricants annually.

Shell is looking to expand the deployment of solar PV in its operations. “Using solar energy at our own facilities is in line with our goal to reduce the carbon intensity in our lubricants supply chain,” according to a Shell spokesperson. Using solar power will help Shell achieve that.

These two plants were selected due to favorable conditions such as suitable roof design and building structure, favorable weather conditions, and government approvals.

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