SI Group announces product launch of oilfield production chemistry

SI Group, a leading global developer and manufacturer of chemical intermediates, specialty resins, and solutions, has unveiled two new product lines of oil production chemistry at the Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE) 2016 Annual Technical Conference and Exhibition (ATCE) in Dubai, the United Arab Emirates, this week.

“SI Group has been serving the oil production industry for over two decades,” said Stephen Haller, senior vice president, Strategy and New Business Development at SI Group. “The launch of REZIFLOW™ and CERIFLOW™, product lines for demulsification and flow improvement, demonstrate our ongoing commitment to the oilfield market. These products leverage our deep expertise in both chemistry and manufacturing to develop and deliver high-performing, novel chemistries that ultimately improve the cost and efficiency of oil production.”

REZIFLOW™ products are a range of alkylphenol-based resins used in the separation of oil and water. REZIFLOW™ products provide enhanced water clarification and significantly faster separation time, even at lower dosing rates. CERIFLOW™ products are polymeric compounds that inhibit asphaltene and paraffin buildup that can deposit on surfaces, allowing for unrestricted flow during crude oil production.

The market for these chemistries is growing due to the industry’s increasing complexity of crude oils. REZIFLOW™ technology aids in the separation of oil and water, while CERIFLOW™ chemistries are designed to inhibit paraffin and asphaltene deposition.

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