SI Group expands antioxidant capacity in Jinshan, China
Photo courtesy of SI Group

SI Group expands antioxidant capacity in Jinshan, China

SI Group, based in Schenectady, New York, has increased production capacity for ETHANOX™ 4716 and NAUGARD™ PS48 hindered phenolic ester antioxidants at its Jinshan, China facility. The new capacity is now operational.  

The capacity expansion will help address the growing demand for antioxidants in the lubricants and plastics industries in Asia-Pacific and further strengthens SI Group’s position as a key partner to its customers.

This expansion follows an earlier announcement by SI Group to invest more than USD50 million across three manufacturing sites to install globally competitive main antioxidant capacity in North America. 

“Our investment demonstrates SI Group’s commitment to supporting our customers’ growth in both the lubricants and plastics industries and is aligned with our brand promise to deliver the solutions they need with increased security of supply,” said Joey Gullion, SI Group’s chief commercial officer.

SI Group has a long history of manufacturing antioxidants for use in industrial lubricants, automotive fluids, and engine oils. 

ETHANOX™ 4716 is an easy-to-handle liquid antioxidant, with low volatility designed for use in high-temperature applications such as engine oils where it efficiently protects against lubricant degradation, extends lubricant life, and contributes to reduced emissions.  

The company also has a broad portfolio of chemistries and innovative solutions for the polyol and polyurethane industries. 

NAUGARD™ PS48 stabilizer is a liquid phenolic antioxidant that provides excellent protection against degradation across many polymer applications. NAUGARD™ PS48 stabilizer is a low volatility and low viscosity antioxidant that is effective at reducing scorch in flexible polyurethane foam production.