SI Group taps Azelis as EMEA lubricant additives distributor
Photo courtesy of SI Group

SI Group taps Azelis as EMEA lubricant additives distributor

SI Group, a leading performance additives company headquartered in Schenectady, New York, U.S.A., has appointed Azelis as its official distributor for its lubricant additives business across most of Europe, Middle East, and Africa (EMEA), effectively immediately. The strategic partnership with Azelis, a world-leading specialty chemicals distributor, expands SI Group’s lubricant additives product offerings, including its ETHANOX™ series. 

The partnership commences as SI Group seeks to drive further market growth of its lubricant additives into a key regional area. Azelis, as an authorized distributor with vast experience in multiple application labs across Europe, will provide innovation, formulation, and marketing expertise. 

“Having Azelis on-board is a complimentary asset to our lubricant business,” said Joey Gullion, SVP and chief commercial officer at SI Group. “Our lubricant and metalworking fluid customers will immediately benefit from this dedicated extension of our team, providing ETHANOX™ solutions to help differentiate and optimize their total formulation cost effectiveness.” 

 “We are thrilled to add ETHANOX™ antioxidants to our portfolio for Lubricants & MWF as it enables us to offer a differentiated range of solutions for our customers. We broaden our product offer with a key additives range to extend the service life of industrial and automotive oils,” said Javier Miranda, market segment director, Lubricants and MWF, Azelis.

SI Group’s portfolio of ETHANOX™ lubricant antioxidants enhance thermal stability, improve lubricant performance and reduce sludge formation, extending the useful life of lubricants in a wide variety of lubricant applications. The solutions improve engine oils, industrial oils, and other fluids and oils used in the transportation, power generation, and manufacturing sectors, while meeting rigorous regulations, standards and specifications.