Sinopec announces Green Action Plan

Sinopec launched its Green Action Plan on April 2, with a goal to become a clean, efficient and low-carbon enterprise by 2023, the company announced on its website.

By 2023, Sinopec will see the share of its clean energy output exceed 50% of its total, with an annual natural gas production capacity of 40 billion cubic meters. More than 10,000 kilometers of gas pipelines will be put to use, while the transfer capacity of LNG will reach more than 26 million tonnes per year.

Also, all of Sinopec’s gasoline and diesel fuel production by October 2018 shall meet the requirements of the China VI emissions standard.

Sinopec plans to boost its geothermal heating capacity to 120-150 million square meters by 2023, providing geothermal heating to about 2.1 million urban residents.

The company has pledged to build another 1,000 natural gas stations for vehicles within six years.