Sinopec starts construction of second crude oil pipeline in Central China to support recent refinery expansions

Chinas largest oil refiner, Sinopec Corp., has started construction of a second crude oil pipeline called YiChang II to ensure sufficient supply, following recent expansion and upgrades of its refineries in Central China. Sinopec only has one pipeline supplying crude to central China, the Yizheng-Changling pipeline.

The length of the pipeline will be 560 km and will start from the eastern Jiangsu province to Jiangxi province in south central China. The pipeline will cross Anhui and Hubei provinces. The line will begin at Yizheng city in Jiangsu and end at Jiujiang city in Jiangxi.

The pipeline will have a designed capacity to transport around 20 million metric tonnes per year (MTPY) of crude oil from Yizheng to Huangmei and around 10 million MTPY from Huangmei to Jiujiang, Platts reported.

The YiChang II pipeline will boost supply of crude oil to the Anqing Petrochemical Co., which has a capacity of 9 million MTPY, and Jiujiang Petrochemical Co., which has a capacity of 6.5 million MTPY.

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