SK Enmove broadens thermal fluid offerings with strategic partnership
Photo courtesy of SK Enmove

SK Enmove broadens thermal fluid offerings with strategic partnership

SK Enmove is broadening its thermal fluid offerings and making significant strides into the data center liquid cooling industry.

On February 28, SK Enmove unveiled a strategic partnership with Iceotope Technologies, a global frontrunner in Precision Liquid Cooling, and SK Telecom, by signing a memorandum of understanding (MOU) focused on advancing next-generation cooling solutions. The agreement was formalized at the Mobile World Congress (MWC) in Barcelona, Spain, with SK Enmove’s e-Fluids B2B Business Management Office Head Seo Sang-hyuk, SK Telecom’s Future R&D Vice President Lee Jong-min, and Iceotope CEO David Craig in attendance.

This collaboration marks a significant step towards integrating SK Enmove’s advanced thermal fluids into Iceotope’s Precision Liquid Cooling (PLC) systems, with plans to implement these solutions in SK Telecom’s AI Data Center Testbed (AI DC Testbed).

Liquid cooling, which utilizes specialized non-conductive thermal fluids, is emerging as a revolutionary thermal management solution. It offers enhanced power efficiency and operational cost savings over traditional air-cooling methods by directly cooling server components. SK Enmove is set to diversify its product development to cater to various liquid cooling methodologies, including Iceotope’s PLC technology, following its ventures into tank type liquid immersion cooling solutions.

The thermal fluid market is poised for rapid expansion, with projections from Future Market Insights forecasting growth from USD330 million in 2022 to USD2.1 billion by 2032, at a CAGR of 21.5%. SK Enmove, a pioneer in thermal fluid development in South Korea since 2022, has previously invested in GRC, a U.S.-based immersion cooling solutions provider, and forged a partnership with Dell Technologies in 2023 to commercialize liquid cooling technologies.

Seo Sang-hyuk of SK Enmove emphasized the collaboration’s role in promoting the immersion cooling market and establishing SK Enmove as a leader in energy-saving solutions. Lee Jong-min of SK Telecom highlighted the potential for developing innovative, energy-efficient solutions through the synergy of SK Telecom, Iceotope, and SK Enmove’s technologies. Iceotope’s David Craig expressed enthusiasm for the partnership’s role in driving AI data center innovation and achieving energy efficiency with their PLC solutions.