SkyNRG and Microsoft launch Project Runway for SAF

SkyNRG and Microsoft launch Project Runway for SAF

SkyNRG, a leading company in sustainable aviation fuel (SAF), has launched a groundbreaking initiative called Project Runway, aimed at simplifying SAF access for airlines and corporations. This project will support airlines in managing SAF procurement complexities and offer a practical solution to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions. Microsoft, building on its longstanding relationship with SkyNRG, joins as a founding member, emphasising the project’s importance.

Innovative SAF procurement with Book & Claim approach

Project Runway employs the Book & Claim method, which not only facilitates SAF access for airlines but also allows them to share the SAF price premium with corporates striving to reduce their Scope 3 aviation emissions. SkyNRG will supply highly sustainable SAF, while Microsoft will act as the initial buyer for Scope 3 SAF claims, ensuring airlines have confidence in their SAF journey.

Simplifying SAF adoption for airlines

Through Project Runway, airlines can develop a solid SAF strategy, overcoming early procurement challenges and confidently taking action. SkyNRG’s extensive experience and the Book & Claim approach make purchasing SAF straightforward. This initiative provides airlines with the necessary resources and information to achieve their voluntary SAF goals ahead of future obligations.

Broader adoption and market resilience

SkyNRG aims for a broader adoption of SAF strategies, believing that access and capacity expansion must go hand in hand. Project Runway offers a programmatic approach to diversify the SAF market, supporting new players and promoting the adoption of Book & Claim registries. SkyNRG commits to providing education, support, and acting as a reliable partner and advisor.

Leadership and collaboration

Julia Fidler, environmental sustainability lead at Microsoft, emphasised the importance of Project Runway: “This initiative will enable a global SAF market transformation essential to decarbonising air travel. Microsoft is proud to support this important SAF initiative, and SkyNRG’s proven sustainability leadership makes them the ideal partner.”

Theye Veen, chief commercial officer at SkyNRG, highlighted the initiative’s significance: “Project Runway continues SkyNRG’s tradition of market-leading initiatives, taking the next step towards building SAF capacity to meet aviation’s 2050 net zero commitment. In collaboration with Microsoft, we offer airlines reliable guidance, sustainable fuels, and shared costs to ensure a strong start on their SAF journey.”

For more information, visit the SkyNRG website.