Songwon Industrial expands product offering for industrial lubricants market

Songwon Industrial Co., Ltd., based in Ulsan, South Korea, announced that it is extending its product offering to meet the growing needs of the industrial lubricants market. For the past few years, Songwon has been successfully selling high-performance phenolic antioxidants to the fuel and lube additives industry. Due to its success, the organization has now decided to place more emphasis on this market and concentrate on expanding its range of antioxidant solutions. The products will be sold under Songwon’s brand name, SONGNOX® and the company says that it will offer the range globally via a dedicated channel-to-market sales team. “Customers in today's lubricants market seek products that are both sustainable and high-performing. With over 50 years in the additives industry, listening to customers and developing innovative solutions to meet their ever-increasing demands has always been our focus. Lubricant customers will benefit from our broad range of phenolic antioxidants back integration into key intermediates combined with world-scale production capability and Songwon’s best-in-class customer service. We also have a strong geographical presence in Asia, one of the fastest growing markets for fuel and lube additives,” said Olivier Keiser, leader, Lube Additives. Songwon will offer standard phenolic liquid products such as SONGNOX® L135, as well as niche phenolic products, for example: SONGNOX® L101, SONGNOX® L107, SONGNOX® L109 and SONGNOX® L115.