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SONGWON Industrial Group to invest in new antioxidant production capacity

South Korean specialty chemicals manufacturer SONGWON Industrial Group announced that it is investing in new production capacity to extend its range of antioxidants for fuels and lubricants.

“With more than 50 years’ experience in stabilization technology, and as a major supplier of antioxidants, we are well placed to extend our additives range for fuels and lubricants,” said Olivier Keiser, leader of Fuel & Lube Additives. “We are investing in production capacity as well as in research and development in anticipation of new industry standard requirements. In parallel, we are continuously engaging with our customers in order to develop ongoing, innovative solutions.”

SONGWON is exhibiting at the Annual Meeting & Exhibition of the Society of Tribologists and Lubrication Engineers (STLE) this week in Atlanta, Ga., U.S.A.

SONGNOX® L670 will be a particular highlight at the exhibition. This industry standard nonylated diphenyl amine antioxidant (ADPA) is used with SONGNOX® L135 liquid phenolic antioxidant in automotive formulations.

“Aminic and phenolic antioxidants retard oxidation in the oil by reacting with radicals produced in the lubricant: in engine oils this helps to extend the drain interval. By preserving the integrity of the oil for longer periods antioxidants help maintain viscosity, reduce deposit and foam formation, and guard against the production of corrosion species, whilst protecting the oil at higher temperatures,” said Gerard Mulqueen, global business manager, Fuel & Lube Additives.

SONGNOX® L670 and SONGNOX® L135 are both manufactured at SONGWON’s South Korean plant in Ulsan and supplied worldwide. Economy-of-scale production units in South Korea and backward integration of the key raw materials for antioxidants ensure reliability of supply worldwide and add value throughout the supply chain.