Strategic alliance to develop advanced bio-specialty production technologies and products

Accelergy Corp. and Owensboro Grain LLC announced an alliance to globally commercialise a suite of advanced bio-specialty production technologies for a range of solvent, lubricant, and performance fluid products. The initial feedstocks will be soy-based but the companies plan to include a full range of bio-based feedstocks in the future.

Based in Houston, Texas, with partner facilities in Montana, N.D., and Pennsylvania in the United States and Shanghai, China, Accelergy is a global leader in producing high-performance low-cost bio-specialty fluids from a range of feedstocks. Owensboro Grain Company, LLC, based in Owensboro, Ky., U.S.A., produces soy products and edible oils.

Accelergy and Owensboro Grain recently completed a highly successful commercial scale demonstration project with a globally recognised leader in specialty chemicals production.

The companies are now pursuing commercial applications in both domestic and international markets through a newly formed company, Owensboro Grain and Accelergy BioSpecialties LLC (OG&A BioSpecialties LLC).

The companies intend to commercialise and market Biowax-PH™ and BioFAME-PH™ oleo-chemicals, together with a range of formulated renewable performance fluids for multiple industrial applications.

“This initiative is part of Accelergy’s strategic plan to introduce a new class of renewable carbon-based technologies and formulated products with cost and performance properties that compete favorably with current day offerings,” said Accelergy’s Chief Technical Officer Rocco Fiato.

“Our platform is based upon Accelergy’s Integrated HDX Conversion Technology combined with significant contributions from a number of leading process technology providers in the oil and gas industry. The HDX platform includes a range of hydroconversion-based processes that change the overall molecular composition of the bio-feedstocks into high quality products. Accelergy’s HDX technology portfolio includes a series of proprietary, patented catalysts and processes designed to control molecular composition and ultimate performance properties of the bio-specialty products. The proprietary combination of our process systems with the advanced catalyst and reactor technology from our partners enables us to achieve high overall carbon utilisation efficiency and low production costs for key specialty markets.”

“Owensboro Grain has a history of seeking opportunities for product diversification around our core business of soybean processing,” said John Wright, Owensboro Grain’s executive vice president. “We view the expansion into high performance specialty products as another step in the execution of this strategy. We believe Accelergy and their technology partners offer state-of-the-art platforms that will enable us to develop superior product offerings for the growing renewables market. We are excited to add Accelergy as a strategic partner as we continue to focus on broadening the market and customer base for Owensboro Grain’s soy-based products.”