Subaru, Toyota, Mazda to develop new engines for electrification era
Photo courtesy of Toyota Motor Corporation

Subaru, Toyota, Mazda to develop new engines for electrification era

Japanese automakers Subaru Corporation, Toyota Motor Corporation, and Mazda Motor Corporation have announced their joint commitment to developing new engines tailored for the electrification era. This initiative aims to enhance vehicle performance while achieving carbon neutrality.

The three automakers plan to create engines optimised for integration with electric drive units (EDU), including motors and batteries. These engines will not only be more compact and efficient but will also be designed to be compatible with various carbon-neutral fuels such as e-fuel, biofuels, and liquid hydrogen. This approach will help reduce the carbon footprint of internal combustion engines (ICEs) and support global efforts to combat climate change.

The next-generation engines will feature more compact designs, enabling lower hoods and improved aerodynamic performance. This will also contribute to better fuel efficiency and compliance with stringent emissions regulations. The engines will undergo rigorous testing under extreme conditions, including racing scenarios, to ensure their reliability and performance.

Collaborative effort and commitment to sustainability

Atsushi Osaki, president and CEO of Subaru Corporation, emphasised the importance of this collaboration, stating, “Achieving a carbon-neutral society is a challenge that must be undertaken by all of Japan’s industries and society as a whole. As we continue to refine electrification technology, we will also enhance our horizontally-opposed engines with an aim to use carbon-neutral fuels in the future. Moving forward, the three companies sharing the same aspiration will continue to advance the pursuit of sustainable excellence in Japanese car manufacturing.”

Koji Sato, president and CEO of Toyota Motor Corporation, highlighted the need for evolving engine technologies in tune with future energy environments. “In order to provide our customers with diverse options to achieve carbon neutrality, it is necessary to take on the challenge of evolving engines that are in tune with the energy environment of the future. The three companies, which share the same aspirations, will refine engine technologies through friendly competition.”

Masahiro Moro, president and CEO of Mazda Motor Corporation, reiterated Mazda’s commitment to developing rotary engines compatible with electrification and carbon-neutral fuels. “We will continue to offer customers exciting cars by honing internal combustion engines for the electrification era and expanding the multi-pathway possibilities for achieving carbon neutrality. Given the rotary engine’s compatibility with electrification and carbon-neutral fuels, Mazda will continue to develop the technology through co-creation and competition to ensure it can contribute broadly to society.”

The collaboration reflects a shared dedication to achieving carbon neutrality through innovative engineering and sustainable practices. The joint efforts of Subaru, Toyota, and Mazda signify a major step forward in the global automotive industry’s transition to a more sustainable future.