SUN Mobility and IndianOil to launch major battery swapping network
Photo courtesy of SUN Mobility

SUN Mobility and IndianOil to launch major battery swapping network

In a significant move aimed at accelerating the adoption of electric vehicles (EVs) in India, SUN Mobility has entered into a strategic collaboration with Indian Oil Corp. (IndianOil). This joint venture is set to establish one of the largest battery swapping infrastructure networks in the world by 2030.

The ambitious plan aims to deploy more than 10,000 battery swapping stations across more than 40 cities within the next three years. This infrastructure will support the seamless adoption of electric mobility for two-wheelers, three-wheelers, and small four-wheel vehicles by providing a convenient “Battery as a Service” (BaaS) solution.

Currently, SUN Mobility operates more than 630 battery swapping stations in 20 cities in India, supporting more than 25,000 electric vehicles with 50,000+ smart batteries. These stations facilitate more than a million battery swaps per month, catering primarily to two and three-wheeler customers.

Chetan Maini, co-founder and chairman of SUN Mobility, highlighted the company’s mission: “Seven years ago, we founded SUN Mobility to make electric vehicles affordable and reduce range anxiety and charging time. Today, on World Environment Day, we are proud to announce this joint venture with IndianOil. Together, we aim to transform mobility in India and set a global benchmark.”

The collaboration leverages IndianOil’s extensive network of more than 37,000 fuel stations and SUN Mobility’s advanced battery swapping technology. This combination aims to make EV charging as accessible as refueling conventional vehicles, addressing concerns about battery costs, maintenance, replacement, and charging time.

About IndianOil

IndianOil is a leading energy company in India, ranked as the top Indian energy PSU in the Fortune 500 rankings, with revenues of INR866,345 crores (USD104.38 billion) for the financial year 2023-24. The company operates across the entire hydrocarbon value chain and is expanding its presence in renewable and alternative energy sectors. With over 30,000 employees, IndianOil serves more than a billion Indians through a vast network of over 60,000 customer touchpoints and has a growing international presence.

About SUN Mobility

Founded in 2017 by the SUN Group and the Maini Group, SUN Mobility is a pioneer in battery swapping technology in India. The company has received significant investments from Bosch and Vitol. SUN Mobility’s solution includes smart batteries, quick interchange stations, and a connected smart network. The company has deployed its technology across 630+ Swap Pointsโ„ข in 20+ cities, powering more than 465 million kilometers and facilitating over 20 million swaps. Through its initiatives, SUN Mobility has contributed to saving approximately 63,000 metric tonnes of CO2 emissions.