Telko expands product range with Castrol automotive motor oils

Telko Ltd., which is part of the Aspo Group, has signed a new agreement with UK-based Castrol, widening the cooperation between the two companies to incorporate Castrol’s automotive motor oil product range. Telko has had a long-term cooperation with Castrol with respect to industrial lubricants. Telko will represent Castrol’s automotive motor oil products on the Finnish market starting next year.

The product range of Telko’s automotive unit includes coolants, screen wash fluids and anticorrosion products. Castrol’s passenger car and heavy-duty motor oils will significantly expand Telko’s product range and sales.

“Due to this increase in product range we will invest significantly more in local sales and customer service from the beginning of the year 2016,” said Telko CEO Kalle Kettunen.

Telko, which is based in Helsinki, Finland, is the leading supplier of plastic raw materials and industrial chemicals in the Baltic Sea region.

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