April 05, 2020

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Tetra Pak launches new water-free lubrication
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Photo courtesy of Tetra Pak.

Tetra Pak has expanded its Technical Services portfolio with the launch of a dry lubrication kit for packaging line conveyor belts and distribution equipment. The new solution helps customers reduce water and electricity consumption, as well as man-hours required for machine maintenance.

“With an estimated 50% reduction in running costs compared to wet lubrication, the benefits of switching to dry lubrication systems speak for themselves,” said Klara Svedberg, director of parts, consumables and upgrades, Tetra Pak.

Traditional conveyor lubrication, known as wet lubrication, uses high quantities of water mixed with oil, leaving both the equipment and factory floor wet. With the new solution, the process is nearly dry. It does not require the use of water, only very small quantities of oil. A drop of food grade oil roughly the size of a pea is directly added to the conveyor belt to reduce friction with the package.

Unlike wet lubrication, which uses tens of thousands of litres of water, dry lubrication offers producers a number of advantages, including:

  • Reduced environmental footprint (an average of 35,000 litres of water saved per filling line each year plus lower electricity costs)
  • A fully automated system
  • Reduced maintenance man-hours (about 75% lower)
  • Improved health and safety for staff on the operation floor

The Tetra Pak Dry Lubrication kit includes the application systems, lubricant and installation. It takes approximately five minutes to install, thereby ensuring minimal disruption to operations.

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