Texaco unveils modernised station design in Texas, U.S.A.
Photo courtesy of Chevron

Texaco unveils modernised station design in Texas, U.S.A.

Chevron's Texaco brand has introduced a revamped design for its fueling stations, starting with a newly redesigned station in Del Valle, Texas, near Austin, in the United States. The makeover signifies Texaco's ongoing commitment to innovation, quality service, and growth, offering a fresh, modern aesthetic while maintaining the brand's legacy. The updated station provides a lighter, more welcoming space, featuring an evolved color scheme, 3D canopies, and updated signage, aiming to enhance the customer experience.

The redesign is part of Texaco's broader strategy to roll out the red carpet for customers, ensuring they enjoy a seamless and pleasant experience at every station. All new Texaco stations will adopt this updated look, and the company plans to convert all existing domestic stations by the end of 2026. The new design was showcased to approximately 1,500 attendees from 14 different countries at the Americas Fuels Convention in Austin, Texas.

“A brand refresh like this is more than just a new coat of paint. It’s a clear indication that we are investing in long-term innovation, quality service and growth,” said Claudia Olvera Ibbott, fuels advertising manager.

Traditional fuel products like diesel and gasoline are going to be a large part of the energy demand mix for decades, said Chevron.

Investment in existing infrastructure is key to meeting that demand—from refineries and terminals to pipelines and retail stations. Updating stations in the Texaco network shows a commitment to the future and a dedication to providing customers with a seamless experience, the company added.