Total Lubmarine receives No Objection Letters from MAN Diesel and Turbo

Global marine lubricant provider Total Lubmarine has announced that it has received two No Objection Letters (NOL) from equipment manufacturer MAN Diesel and Turbo – in recognition of the effectiveness of two of its products. These latest NOLs reaffirm the close relationship between Total Lubmarine and MAN.

The first NOL recognizes the excellent performance of cylinder oils TALUSIA HR 140 and approves it for use in MAN engines. TALUSIA HR 140 – which has a higher base number (BN) than most of its market counterparts – offers the best solution for engines subject to severe corrosion. Designed for slow speed engines running on High Sulphur Fuel Oil (HSFO), TALUSIA HR 140 has high acid neutralization capacity, ensuring excellent cylinder protection.

Its high BN has been created in order to maintain cylinder protection over long periods of high sulphur residual fuel usage, preventing corrosion resulting from sulphuric acid formation. This prevents cylinder wear and scuffing, and can extend the length of time between engine overhauls.

The second NOL allows for the combined use of Total Lubmarine’s TALUSIA HR 140 and TALUSIA LS 25 lubricants in MAN’s Automated Cylinder Oil Mixing (ACOM) system. The MAN ACOM system is an onboard cylinder oil blending unit designed to simplify the lubrication aspect of fuel switching – allowing vessels to use scrubbers or MAN GI or LGI type engines using LNG or fuel mixtures.

TALUSIA LS 25 has been specially formulated for reliable operations with emission control area (ECA) compliant ultra low sulphur fuels – providing excellent cleanliness and outstanding deposit control for slow speed engines. Thanks to its low ash content, engines using TALUSIA LS 25 are protected against deposit formation, which can lead to scuffing issues. It has already been approved by MAN for standalone use.

“For Total Lubmarine and its customers, these approvals are a great recognition of the quality of our products and show the support of a renowned engine manufacturer. The two products represent a holistic solution to engine lubrication in a multi-fuel era – and reflect our dedication to designing the next generation of lubricants to support our customers’ compliance strategy,” said Jean Philippe Roman, technical director.