Total Lubrifiants launches range of recycled industrial hydraulic fluids
Image courtesy of Total

Total Lubrifiants launches range of industrial hydraulic fluids from recycled used oil

Total Lubrifiants announces the launch of ECO2, a new range of industrial hydraulic fluids from the circular economy. This approach helps saving resources and is a solution to the lubricants end-of-life cycle. More ecoresponsible, the range is manufactured by regenerating waste oils at the Osilub recycling plant, jointly owned by Total and Veolia, using a specific patented process. The ECO2 range includes AZOLLA ECO2 46 and EQUIVIS ECO2 46. These products are currently available in Europe.

With ECO2, Total Lubrifiants now boasts a professional solution suitable for all types of industrial hydraulic systems that helps companies reduce their environmental footprint.

The life cycle assessment performed by an independent firm in line with ISO 14040 and ISO 14044-44 compared ECO2’s overall environmental impact with that of a conventional fluid made from base oils produced by refining crude oil. The LCA confirmed that the new fluids are 10 times less energy-intensive to produce and reduce carbon emissions by 50% across their entire life cycle.

The fluids in the ECO2 range have obtained the Total Ecosolutions label and deliver the same performance as standard hydraulic fluids. In addition, their composition, which includes re-refined oils initially formulated with high-grade bases, enables them to boost properties such as viscosity index, pour point and oxidation resistance.

ECO2 products comply with international specifications and standards:
– AZOLLA ECO2 46 meets the requirements of ISO 11158 HM and DIN 51524-2 HLP.
– EQUIVIS ECO2 46 meets the requirements of ISO 11158 HV and DIN 51524-2 HVLP.

“With ECO2, Total Lubrifiants is providing a tangible response to manufacturers’ new needs, to help reduce their environmental footprint. Formulated using re-refined oils, our new range builds on recycling processes to produce a high-grade fluid with the same properties as standard fluids, but with a controlled environmental impact. The result of our R&D teams’ painstaking work, the unique process used has been patented by Total,” says Claire Michel, product manager, Total Lubrifiants.